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For week 13, we want to take a closer look at two sculptures by award-winning sculptor Joe Thompson. Thompson is a Georgia native currently living in Merritt Island, Florida. In 2011, he was commissioned to build a twenty foot tall stainless steel wind sculpture for the Canaveral Port Authority in Port Canaveral, Fl. Thompson has had several visiting installations at the Melbourne Airport and the Planetarium at Coco Beach, and has won several high-profile awards in Vero Beach, Sanibel, and elsewhere.


Thompson uses recycled materials in his art. "These materials are manipulated many different ways to achieve different effects. From the whimsical to the serious, no two are the same. Every piece is authentic and original." Thompson's works are sought by many art collectors.

The first piece we'll show is called "B-52 Grandpa." It is priced at $1500.00. 

The second piece we'll show is called "Little Things." It is priced at $2500.00.

We invite you to stop by the store and take a closer look at these unique sculptures!

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