For week 48, we're putting a spotlight on unique gyotaku fish art by Burt Lancaster. As the artist explains on his website- "Gyotaku is the Japanese art of making fish prints on delicate rice paper. This artform reproduces the exact features and characteristics of actual, individual fish. In Japanese, 'gyo' translates to 'fish' and 'taku' translates to 'stone rubbing' which refers to the technique of fish rubbing. Gyotaku began in Japan or China in the early 1800s as a means to measure and record a commercial fisherman's catch."

The 2 pieces, each measuring 42 1/2" x 38 1/2" and nicely framed, depict Yellowtail Snapper. The set is priced at $1999.00. Stop in and take a look- these are beautiful and will sell fast.