For week 8, we are going to show you some of the clocks that are available at Fantastic Finds. Especially in this digital era, analog clocks are an interesting decor item. Whether you are a clock collector or just appreciate the nostalgia a "real" clock can evoke, we hope you enjoy taking a look at what's on offer.

Sessions Napoleon Hat Clock $69.00

Vintage Classic Maple Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock $499.00

Junghans 1930's Clock $299.00

GE Ship's Wheel Clock $89.00

Vintage United Ship's Wheel Clock $67.00

1940's GE Small Clock $59.00

Art Deco Westminster Chiming Mantle Clock- Hermle Dugena Black Forest Germany $499.00

Later Art Deco Chiming Mantle Clock from Mauthe $449.00

1950's Hermle German w/ Quartz- Rare Art Deco (no chime) $259.00

Art Deco Chiming Mantle Clock by Kienzle $499.00

Orion Clock- Handmade by Master Swiss Clockmaker Jean Kazes $2500.00