For week 30 we're going to take a step back and instead of highlighting one or two items we're going to give you a macro look at our store. Check it out.

This is our store located on US Hwy. 1.

This is in the front area of the store. Carol Coyle, who owns the store with her husband, Chris, is on the left, and Ann Robinson, Carol's assistant, is on the right.

This is one of several small rooms within the store.

This room is used to display the "beachy" items we sell.

This room will often contain some of our Asian-themed items.

As you can see, furniture, rugs, art, and decor items are spread throughout the store, but some of our rugs are hanging on a rack.

Some of our bar and counter stools.

Some of our available bedroom sets.

Although our art is spread throughout the store, we have this display area in the back of the store.

This is our "outdoor room" where we'll usually place our outdoor furniture and decor items.

Our inventory is very varied and changes regularly as items sell. We welcome you to visit the store and browse. 

We generally update our website weekly, so check it out to see the latest!