For week 6, we're featuring a recent Fantastic Find- an antique reproduction oval partners desk with a leather inset top. This unique item is called a partners desk because the storage area and drawers (including a file drawer) on one side of the oval desk are mirrored on the opposite side. Hence, the desk is set up for use by partners- each partner has his/her own set of drawers and storage.

The desk is comprised of three pieces- two pedestals and a top. (Thankfully, otherwise it wouldn't fit through a doorway). The top has a beautifully tooled leather inset. 

This is truly a unique, quality piece of furniture that would be stunning in a large home office, and we encourage you to come in and check it out. We have priced it at a very low $1499.00. Although we have not confirmed that it is made by Maitland-Smith, it appears identical to used Maitland-Smith Oval Partners Desks pictured online, and you can compare other sellers' pricing to ours.